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These Electric Nerf Darts Are Shockingly Cool [VIDEO]

electric Nerf darts

The electric Nerf darts in this video bring the toy guns to the next level.

Just about every kid growing up either had a Nerf gun or played with one at some point or another. If those kids were anything like me, they were always trying to think of ways to make the toy guns even more exciting.

Apparently all that was needed to make that happen was a capacitor from a disposable camera (I didn’t know they even made those anymore!) and a spare Nerf dart.

Caleb Kraft and his buddies were all working on 3D printing products in a shop when Kraft came up with his nefarious idea. It didn’t take long before he convinced one of his friends to be the test subject.

WARNING: There is one foul word in the video if you don’t want to hear that kind of thing.

It goes without saying to always consider safety first when doing this kind of project, but what’s life without a little risk.

Just don’t use the electric Nerf darts on anyone who isn’t willing!

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These Electric Nerf Darts Are Shockingly Cool [VIDEO]