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Electric Eels Will Jump to Attack an Enemy and This Proves It

This video proves once and for all that an electric eel will go on the offensive when an enemy is present.

Electrophorus electricus or the electric eel is in fact a species of knifefish. Despite its name and reputation these 'eels' generally use their electric abilities to explore the water around them, then shock prey into submission before eating them.

Now scientists have shown a remarkable capacity of this animal to leave behind the more natural use of its power and go on the offensive and here's what it looks like:

New Scientist says,  "The eels have only a single high-voltage setting, so can't tweak its power output so instead it seems to be using a trick: delivering the shock directly to a threat, instead of distributing it through water."

Kenneth Catania of Vanderbilt University even said, "It seems clear that the eels are actively keeping contact with their chin to try to target the object they see as a threat"

The electric eel has even been shown to hunt by causing motionless prey to twitch their muscles involuntarily by emitting a specific pattern of electrical pulses.

The bottom line - look, don't touch!


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Electric Eels Will Jump to Attack an Enemy and This Proves It