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Electric Eels are Like Tasers [VIDEO]

It was recently discovered that an electric eel's ability to emit electricity is even more impressive than previously thought.

Electric eels are remarkable creatures with the ability to create and emit electric pulses. In fact, electric eels can emit about 400 electric pulses per second. Recent studies have shown that their electrical abilities also give them the ability to control their prey remotely.

Every pulse of electricity electric eels emit when prey is present essentially enters the prey's nervous system and gives the eel complete control over its muscle system. If no prey is present during an electric eel's emissions, the electric pulses force fish and other creatures out of hiding for the eel to consume.

Learn more about this unique and impressive ability.

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Researchers used a high-speed camera to record captive electric eels and discover this new information.

I don't know about you, but this makes me want to avoid electric eels more than I already did.

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Electric Eels are Like Tasers [VIDEO]