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Elderly Man Lost in Nevada Backcountry Actually Lived off the Grid

On Tuesday, November 2, an elderly man thought to be lost in the snow passed away in the Nevada backcountry. However, he wasn’t lost – just out walking his ten dogs.

In the days since, it was found that the 83-year-old man who was located near-dead in the snow on Tuesday with six of his ten dogs around him was actually part of a group that chose to live off the grid in the area. The group had resided in their location for about a decade.

For more than a decade, he, his wife, and a friend lived in two trailers at an altitude of 6,200 feet about eight miles into the Pine Nut Mountain Range. Lieutenant Brian Humphrey at the Carson City Sheriff’s office reported that “the group had no running water, some solar power, and would travel into town once a week for supplies.”

The man wasn’t found to be hiking and instead was just walking his pack of dogs Monday night wearing only a light jacket. It was reported that the weather conditions rapidly changed Monday night, leading to his eventual passing, even though he was very familiar with the remote area.

It is unknown whether he got lost in the snow, or suffered from a medical condition. The friend on the grid notified police after he was missing for three hours. Though the man was found alive on Tuesday morning suffering from severe hypothermia, he passed soon after being air-lifted to a hospital.

However, Lt. Humphrey said that he was surprised the man survived as long as  he did, stating that “There was some indication that the dogs laid with him or near him, maybe kept him a little bit warmer than what he would have been with the closing he was wearing.”

Unfortunately, one of the small dogs passed, also.

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Elderly Man Lost in Nevada Backcountry Actually Lived off the Grid