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Elderly Man With CHL Doesn’t Take Kindly to Armed Robbers [VIDEO]

Get ’em, grandpa! Age has no limits when a CHL owner meets an armed robber.

Two armed robbers walk into an internet cafe in Florida expecting to rob everyone in the place, and do who knows what else.

But only few seconds after the armed men enter the store, they get a taste of their own medicine when one of the patrons, a 71-year-old CHL owner, takes control.

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In this scenario, the armed robbers were not expecting anyone in this cafe to be armed and able to defend themselves. They were likely expecting to walk in, control everyone in the room with their weapons and steal from them, and possibly worse.

Fortunately for everyone in the cafe that day, no one had to find out if the robbers would have started killing people, and no one had anything valuable taken from them.

Both suspects were shot trying to flee the scene, but both men survived and were later arrested.

If it had not been for this CHL owner taking action that day, innocent people may have lost their lives.

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Elderly Man With CHL Doesn’t Take Kindly to Armed Robbers [VIDEO]