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8 Camping Products You Didn’t Know You Needed [PICS]

Tim Kjellesvik

Camping comfort and convenience reach new levels with these eight products you’ve probably never considered.

Gone are the days of canvas pup tents and burnt hot dogs. Enjoy life in the great outdoors (and impress your friends) by tricking out your next trip with these goodies.

1. Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

Image via REI

Fido’s tail is wagging when you start loading up the car. He wants to go too, but you don’t want the hassle of having to lug his food, water and other accoutrements. What do you do?

Get the Approach Dog Pack from Ruffwear and let him shoulder the load. Enjoy the company of your pooch on your camping trip without the hassle of lugging extra gear!

2. Eno LED Lights


Nothing cheers up a campsite like twinkling multicolored LEDs. Drape them around your dining area for mood lighting or wrap them around guy lines to avoid tripping hazards.

As a practical joke, keep the lights a secret and wait until your friends are fast asleep, then lay them across the top of their tent. They’ll never wake up more confused!

3. Food Dehydrator

Image via Tim Kjellesvik
Tim Kjellesvik

Not the most exotic entry on our list, nor will it leave your home, but the humble dehydrator can make your camping trip a delicious event.

Items that are heavy or difficult to store can be dried in advance then rehydrated in your favorite dish. Camping out doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Enjoy tasty and cost-effective sauces, fruit leathers and even ground meats that will last longer without refrigeration.

4. Sky Map


We probably don’t look up enough, especially at nighttime. A camping trip reminds us of the wonders of the night sky.

For those of us who aren’t astronomers, load up Sky Map on your Android or iOS device and explore the heavens like a pro. View constellations, planets and stars in real time when you hold your device skyward like a viewfinder. Here are 10 more useful camping apps.

5. The Lady J

Image via Campmor

For the ladies: now you can relieve yourself like a man. This, ahem, device has seen a resurgence thanks to a newer iteration making the rounds on social media but has actually been around for years.

When there are no facilities around your campsite and you’d rather not play the crouching game, the Lady J is your best bet.

6. Sawyer’s Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent


Keep biting insects and ticks off your gear and clothing for up to 42 days with Sawyer’s Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent.

It’s perfect for shoes, socks, backpacks and any other bit of gear or clothing that creepy crawlies may try to infiltrate. It remains active through six washings. While not intended for direct application on skin Permethrin is a great compliment to your typical DEET based repellent.

7. Quikclot Gauze


Welcome to the future of wound care. Quikclot gauze is impregnated with clotting agents that work  to stop serious bleeding.

If you’re chopping up some limbs for firewood and you happen to chop one of your own, you’ve got a more effective way to control the bleeding. You’ll still want to get professional medical care, but Quikclot buys you precious time to do so.

8. ColorGlo Flame Crystals


Add a few more channels to the old camp TV with these crystals. They’ll turn your boring old yellow, red and orange fire into a blue, green and purple fire.

Spread them around the campfire so the effects change as the fire grows and dies. Treat your fellow campers to a surprise by covertly sprinkling them over the logs just before they’re lit. Kick back and bask in the “oohhs” and “aahhs.”

With all these modern conveniences at your disposal, it’s time for you to make plans to get away. Relax and enjoy nature in comfort and style.

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8 Camping Products You Didn’t Know You Needed [PICS]