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Effective Lures for Catching Largemouth Bass


Crankbaits and buzzbaits are two of the most effective lures for catching largemouth bass.

As a fisherman, one of the most prestigious fish to catch out on the lake is a largemouth bass. These fish are big and can put up a fight, and in order to be successful at catching them, you will need the right type of lure.


One of the most effective types of lures to use when trying to catch large bass is a buzzbait. Buzzbaits are versatile and they are simple to use. Featuring a unique propeller, this lure will stay on the surface of the water. Some buzzbaits even come equipped with a metal triangle attached to the wire, which creates a ticking sound as the lure travel across the water's surface. This helps attract a bass' attention.

In order for buzzbaits to be most effective, you will need to vary up your retrieve. After casting out your buzzbait, start reeling in fast, and then slow down once you start approaching the bass. If the bass doesn't take it, speed up again to attract the bass to your lure.


Another top lure for catching largemouth bass is a crankbait. These lures are usually light enough to float, which saves you the stress of getting them caught up on rocks or brush. Crankbaits can also dive down to different depths in the water, as they have a bill featured prominently on the front. Basically, the bigger the bill is on the front, the farther down it will dive.

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During the winter, large bass go for shad, so you will need to select a crankbait with a silver or white color. If you are going to be fishing in dark waters, it's smart to use a crankbait that has a vibrant color, such as chartreuse.

Another important feature to consider for crankbaits is the shape of their body. Rounded bodies have a wide-wobble effect, which is ideal if bass are aggressive. Narrow body crankbaits will give off a tighter wiggle when moving, which is effective when bass aren't as aggressive because the water may be cold.

Selecting the right type of lure for largemouth bass may seem like a strenuous task because there are so many to choose from. Fortunately, the aforementioned lures above will help serve as a guide, so you can have success at catching bass in different conditions.

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Effective Lures for Catching Largemouth Bass