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Ed Stafford Teaches Us How to Make a Fire

How to make a fire
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We talk a lot about survival, but some people still don’t know how to make a fire. Today, Ed Stafford helps us solve that problem.

As people who spend time in the outdoors we often talk of survival equipment. Survival knives, survival fire starting equipment, survival bags…but in all the excitement of survival, we often forget that some people, without some major help from accelerate, can’t manage to just start a fire if they want one.

Today that changes. Take a look at this great video from Ed Stafford who shows us the key ingredients he uses to quickly and efficiently start a fire (in good conditions).

If you want a fire in wet weather or where all the wood around has been soaked through, you’re going to have to put in a little more effort. Of course you could always start a fire that is going to self-feed for 15 hours then you’ll have to do a little more ground work. But, if you just need to cook a meal and stay warm, then follow Stafford’s advise and you’ll be roasting in no time.

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Ed Stafford Teaches Us How to Make a Fire