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Eating Sucker Fish with Steven Rinella [VIDEO]

Steven Rinella demonstrates once again that if he can catch it or kill it, he will eat it. This time it's sucker fish on the menu.

After a successful bowfishing outing in Michigan's Muskegon Swamp, Rinella cooks up some sucker fish over a campfire and waxes philosophically about our changing palates.

Watch the video to see what he has to say.

Okay, we've seen Steven Rinella eat all kinds of weird things including rattlesnake, coyote, and now sucker fish, but how did we get on the subject of cannibalism?

I'm all for learning about the history and biology of the animals we hunt and, like Rinella, I strive to eat what I kill, but I think we might be over-thinking this sucker fish dinner.

Visit the MeatEater website to see what this guy will come up with next.

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Eating Sucker Fish with Steven Rinella [VIDEO]