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Eating a Scorpion: Ideal Desert Survival Food?

If you ever find yourself in a desert survival situation and you check your boots for a scorpion, save the little creature for the dinner table. 

Bushcraft and survival expert, Shawn Woods, is ready and willing to do what he can to help his viewers learn about survival foods. That includes eating some things that might be a little questionable to your average viewer, even your average survival enthusiast. Roast scorpion anyone?

Woods found a scorpion under a rock and thought it would make a good demonstration on what wild food sources might be available to someone in a survival situation.

So let’s prepare, cook and eat this little poisonous protein packet.

Scorpions are a decent protein and fat source, and can provide you with some tasty food when you’re running low on calories in the bush. If you’ve ever watched Bizarre Foods and Anthony Bourdain, you know that a number of countries offer scorpions as a common street food. Usually they are skewered on a stick and roasted.

That’s exactly what Shawn Woods is planning on doing here.

First he removes the stinger and the little venom sack. Then he simply takes a sharpened stick and skewers the arachnid, leaving the claws and legs on.

Then he slowly and carefully roasts the scorpion over the fire, turning it and keep it up and away from the flames so as not to burn it.

That’s it. Now I suppose if you had a little salt or some olive oil and herbs you could make it even more appealing. But Woods goes with the basics of a survival situation; he cooks and eats it as is.

“I could eat a bunch of those,” he declares! “If I was out in the desert and needed food, I would be flipping over every rock I could and catch as many scorpions. They’re delicious and they’re a good source of protein. And it’s a good survival skill to know how to find food in different environments such as the desert.”

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Eating a Scorpion: Ideal Desert Survival Food?