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Go Out to Eat With Bear Grylls [VIDEO]

On his TV show 'Man vs. Wild,' Bear Grylls does what it takes to survive.

That often includes eating things a normal person wouldn't ever consider food.

In this clip, the camera and production crew members discuss Bear Grylls' diverse and sometimes stomach-turning survival diet.

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Bear Grylls is a writer (he's written 15 books), an adventurer (he has climbed Mount Everest and led expeditions, from Antarctica to the arctic), a philanthropist (he has raised more than $2.5 million for children throughout the world), a former member of the British Special Forces and a TV host.

This collection of clips is from his long-running series "Man vs. Wild," in which Grylls was dropped off in remote locations and forced to find a way out. While some of the survival methods on the show were over the top, Grylls knows how to survive in nearly any situation.

Visit his website to learn more about Bear Grylls and his current projects.

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Go Out to Eat With Bear Grylls [VIDEO]