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4 Easy Ways to Take Better Photos of Animals

If you want to showcase your time in the outdoors and take better photos of your animals, follow these simple tips!

It is alway special to memorialize your trips into the great outdoors with photographs. But we can’t all become instant experts, especially when there are more pressing items at hand.

Nonetheless, it helps to have a few reminders that can work wonders in your photographic endeavors.

1. Do: Try different angles

Instead of simply taking a single picture of you with your animal in the center of the frame, use a variety of different perspectives. Additionally, try unique ways to capture the moment with you and the animal in various portions of the photo. Doing this will help you capture the best possible lighting, surrounding landscape, colors, and ultimately the memory of the experience.

Don’t be afraid to take a lot of photos. The majority may not quite hit the mark, but you’ll have a much higher chance of making one that is magazine cover worthy.

2. Do: Focus on the Animal and Environment

Speaking of the surrounding landscape, try to take the focus away from you. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a significant element of the shot. It means positioning the animal and your camera to maximize the color from the lands.

For example, let’s say you want to showcase a mature pintail from an early morning shoot. Take a photo of you and the pintail in the left section of the photo with the sunrise and water as the primary subject of the picture.

3. Do: Respect the animal

Fly-fisherman holding fario trout caught in river

Kendall Jones, the Bowmars, and Sabrina Corgatelli – there is no shortage of hunting backlash because of social media photographs. Remember, if you intend to post your adventure on social media, non-hunters are likely to see it. Non-hunters can easily have their opinion of hunters swayed based on your photo.

To take better photos everyone can enjoy, take these simple steps:

  • clean off any blood that would be visible
  • put the tongue back in the mouth
  • take any other steps to show that you’re respecting the life you took

Not only will the clearer image make for a better memory but it will make the picture more shareable.

4. Don’t: Use Camera Angle Tricks

You’ve likely seen examples of hunters or anglers trying to make their prize look much larger than it is.

  • Big Game: Many people position the animal close to the camera or sit far behind it with their arms at full extension.
  • Anglers: Some anglers position the head of the fish near the lens quartering away to make it look much longer.

We all want to showcase our hard earned time with an amazing animal, but these tricks are a distraction and take away from the story.

Don’t forget; every animal is a trophy, yours doesn’t have to be a record to have a great story behind it. So, don’t sell yourself short by using camera tricks to try and take better photos.


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4 Easy Ways to Take Better Photos of Animals