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Easy Meal for This Alligator [VIDEO]

An easy meal doesn’t get much easier than this.

For some animals, an easy meal is hard to come by. They can’t simply go to the grocery store or stop by McDonald’s and pick something up; they have to go out and catch every single meal they eat. Except for this easy meal that one alligator got filmed eating.

Check out what happened and how this gator got the easiest meal it will ever eat.

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Looks like an easy meal for the alligator and a great example of natural selection at its finest. While it is not quite the happiest of endings for the bird, it is nice to see someone who is forced to hunt for a living for every single meal get one that comes a little easier than others.

It may well be decades before another easy meal like this one comes along for the alligator.

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Easy Meal for This Alligator [VIDEO]