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5 Easy Steps to Winning a Hunter's Heart

A foolproof plan for winning the attention and the heart of a hunter.

You've found him. He's good looking, smart, and he has a job. Criteria to make you, your mom, and maybe even your dad approve. The only issue? He's a hunter. And while you don't object to the lifestyle, you don't have the first clue about how to catch the eye, let alone the heart, of a modern day hunter.

Have no fear. Outlined below is a foolproof five-step process to help you seal the deal.

Step 1: Purchase something camouflage.

Womens Hunting Boots

Anything. Literally anything with a little Mossy Oak Infinity or Realtree Xtra will get you that little bit of extra attention. Funny, isn't it? Something meant to help you blend in is the first step to helping you stand out.

Step 2: Go to the gun range.

women with restraining orders shooting class

Hit up your local gun range with some friends and take some target practice. You can likely rent a gun and an hour worth of range time for around $15-$20, less if you can borrow a handgun from someone you know.

Depending on the caliber of the gun that 20 bucks might even score you some ammo. Go with a group of friends, let loose, and have a good time. The important part of this step is not so much that you improve your shot, but that at least one person takes and shares a picture or video of you throwing a few rounds down range. Between this and the first step, you'll have caught his attention, we promise.

Step 3: Throw a party, serve wild game snacks.


At least a little shindig, preferably at your house or that of a close friend. Tell him you all came up with the idea to host a wild game feed. If he hasn't already broken the ice to talk to you, which would be a surprise after the first two steps, use this as your excuse to approach him. Let him know you're aware that he likes to hunt and ask him if he'd be interesting in attending your soiree.

This does two things. If he's completely oblivious, it lets him know that you're paying attention, which will definitely grab his. It also allows him the ability to share his passion for hunting in one of the best ways possible, over food that he himself has harvested. Be sure to let him see you work both the crowd and the kitchen. Someone who can be the life of the party that also isn't afraid to put in a little work herself is a sure fire combination.

And let's face it, the old adage is as true now as it has ever been. One of the quickest ways to a man's heart is still through his stomach.

Step 4: Don't be an easy target.


This step is critical. You must avoid being an easy target. This seems backwards, doesn't it? But hear me out. Hunters live, breath, sleep, and dream about pursuing their favorite targets. The difficult part here is to find the appropriate balance.

If he's as passionate about hunting as we are, you'll want to make sure you're not offering too difficult of a challenge or he'll focus on pursuing the four-legged and flying targets he's already after.

Also, just a friendly reminder, November is likely a poor time of year to start this little experiment of yours.

Step 5: Seal the deal.

Camo hunting couple - Photo via:

After you've earned his trust a bit and have a good thing going (and when he's in a particularly good mood) ask him to take you hunting. See if he has a double treestand that he wouldn't mind sharing, or ask him to show you the ropes of duck hunting. You'll finally be able to see him excited about the passions that consume him in the element. Besides, sharing in your new found flame's excitement will suddenly have him blending two of his favorite things at the same time, hunting and, hopefully, you. However, there is one vital component to this step as well.

Whatever instructions he gives you about being quiet or sitting still, take them seriously. Very seriously. Busting his hunt by being fidgety or making noise will have an almost immediate and opposite of desired effect on your budding relationship. And please, don't wear perfume. Best case scenario, he harvests a wall-worthy trophy forever solidifying you as part of the experience and the memory.

Bonus points? In this step you actually have a reason to wear the camo hat or boots you purchased in step one.


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5 Easy Steps to Winning a Hunter's Heart