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Easy and Roomy Base Camp: The Cinch! Pop-Up Tent [PICS]

All photos via Mateja Lane

Cinch! pop-up tents are easy to set up and have plenty of room for all your gear. 

Cinch! pop-up tents are the easiest tents to set up but that doesn’t mean they skimp on quality or space.

I recently was sent a Cinch! pop-up and I was both impressed by the material of the tent itself and the amount of space the four-man provided.

Because it is a pop-up, there is no assembly required. You literally just unpack it and unfold.

The company is based out of the U.K.

The four-man tent comes in a circular bag with backpack straps for easy portability. Although it is not meant for backcountry access, portability from your vehicle to a base or hunt camp would be easy.



The tent comes out of the bag folded so the poles pop up with just a shake.



The setup literally takes less than a minute. And the space is incredible. There are partitioned rooms including the front, middle, and entrance. There are doors on each end as well as two windows. There are two awnings over the entrances held up with poles provided.


The bottom of the tent is a sturdy tarp material and the bungee cords all around the tent provide attachments to stake the tent down in case of high winds.

I also received the Solar Pack, which provides a three-tiered solar panel that attaches directly to the roof of the tent. The cord from the panels travels through an access point to provide you with a charging port for all your gadgets.


This is somewhat of a preliminary review since I haven’t yet taken it camping. It is still reaching 100 degrees here in Texas.

Check back in few months when I take it on a real camping trip to put it through field testing.

But straight out of the bag, the Cinch! pop-up tent is incredibly easy to set up, is made up of quality material, and has a ton of space for all your gear, including fishing poles or even hunting gear.

I am impressed; this may be the most quality pop-up tent I’ve seen. When I normally think of pop-up tents I think of children toys. But not the Cinch! tents. This is a real tent that could withstand the elements but has the easy features of a pop-up with less extra parts and complicated setup.

I am excited to take it into the field. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out some videos on the Cinch! YouTube channel and get your own pop-up tent here.

All photos via Mateja Lane

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Easy and Roomy Base Camp: The Cinch! Pop-Up Tent [PICS]