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Eastern Turkey Release in Texas [VIDEO]

Turkeys are restocked in eastern Texas counties, but there are some areas of the land that the turkeys are not traveling to.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is on the move to understand what kind of land these turkeys like, and where they seem to find a home.

Researchers hope to learn this information by tagging turkeys with GPS transmitters and identification numbers to track where they like to go.

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The turkey restocking program has lasted about ten years. This year, researchers want to know if the change in the turkeys’ travel has something to do with human behavior, or if there is another reason.

Kyle Hand, a graduate student at Stephen F. Austin University says, “the birds have been here in the past, so if there’s something we did as humans… it’s important… to restore it back to what it once was.”

What do you think should be done to help turkey populations in Texas?

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Eastern Turkey Release in Texas [VIDEO]