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Easter Bunny is Poster Boy for California Gun Shop

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Down Range Chico gun shop has the Easter Bunny working for them.

Every season, Down Range Chico in Chico, California puts up an entertaining gun billboard advertisement.

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Spring has arrived and the new advertisement is out, just in time for Easter. This advertisement features the Easter Bunny holding an AR-style rifle. The sign says “Need an AR? Hop On In.”

During Christmas, the billboard featured Santa Claus. He was wearing sunglasses and was also armed with an AR-15-style rifle. The sign said “We build ARs for Santa.”

Shop owners Steve Dyke and Will Clark are enjoying all of the attention from this sign as they did with the earlier Saint Nick sign. They say 99 percent of the feedback is positive and the billboards have been great for business.

We wonder what the advertisement this summer will be. We will be watching.


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Easter Bunny is Poster Boy for California Gun Shop