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East Texas Man Wrestles a Wild Hog into a Cage [VIDEO]

I’m not sure how many of us would hop into a pen like this guy. A man in Texas wrestles a wild hog with his bare hands and manages to get it into the cage.

Wild hogs aren’t typically an animal that you want to go rolling around in the dirt with; they are an extremely aggressive species. This east Texas man looks like he might have done it once or twice before.

In this video we get to see how difficult it is to get a huge pig like this into a cage.

He may have gotten flipped over, spun around, and ended up with a face full of dirt… but he got the job done. Any man who wrestles a wild hog like that deserves a beer!

The ongoing wild hog epidemic makes it difficult to keep populations under control. Shooting, trapping, and relocating wild hogs isn’t easy either; and this video is an excellent example of how difficult it can be just to get one hog into a cage for transport.

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East Texas Man Wrestles a Wild Hog into a Cage [VIDEO]