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East Texas Hog Hunting with a .454 Casull Revolver [VIDEO]

The .454 Casull proves just how effective it can be while hog hunting.

Check out this video uploaded by Keith Warren of an East Texas hog hunting trip on a working cattle ranch. After scaring off some cattle that had gathered at the watering hole near the blind, Keith settles in to wait for a big boar hog to show up.

His patience pays off when a good sized boar appears for a drink. The .454 took care of the rest and dropped the boar in his tracks.

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Successful hog hunting with a pistol or revolver can be a challenge. The correct mix of range, shot placement, and recoil is vital to a clean and ethical kill. The hunter in this video combines all three of those things into a great hog hunting experience.

Have you ever hunted game with a handgun? Let’s hear your stories in the comments section below.


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East Texas Hog Hunting with a .454 Casull Revolver [VIDEO]