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East Coast Swimmers Wary of Water After Recent Spike in Shark Attacks [VIDEO]

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With the recent increase in shark attacks along the East Coast, many swimmers aren’t heading very far out from shore.

Every year millions of people visit numerous beaches across the United States. While most are care-free when plunging into the ocean for a little summer fun, a lot more are becoming more leery of the water. This is mainly due to the recent increase of shark attacks being reported up and down the East Coast.

With the recent attacks, such as the two teens that both lost limbs in the same day to sharks at one North Carolina beach, and another attack in the same area not too long before that, people are taking precautions.

CBS News affiliates recently visited a nearby beach close to where the attacks took place to ask beach patrons what they are doing and how they were feeling about the attacks.

We have to remember, when on vacation at the beach, that oceans aren’t there just for our own personal amusement. They are home to some of the greatest predators on the earth and precautions need to be takenso that we can share the space safely.

Here are eight tips for your next trip to the beach to help avoid shark attacks:

1. Obey all posted warnings at beaches of shark activity in the area.

2. Avoid going in the water at dawn, dusk, or nighttime. This is when sharks are most actively hunting.

3. Stay close to shore and away from dropoffs near sandbars.

4. Never swim alone as this makes you a more sought-after target than if you were in a group.

5. Avoid wearing any shiny items. Sharks will see you as a shiny fish bolting around.

6. Avoid excessive splashing as sharks detect this as wounded prey.

7.  If you have any wounds or cut yourself while in the water, exit immediately. Sharks can detect drops of blood in the water at great distances.

8. Stay away from piers or other areas where people are fishing. These are easy places for sharks to get meals. 

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East Coast Swimmers Wary of Water After Recent Spike in Shark Attacks [VIDEO]