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Easily Build Your Own Bow with This Bamboo Horse Bow Kit

Alex Burton

Make you own collapsible bamboo bow with this easy bow kit from Mead Longbows. 

The ability to turn a piece of wood or bamboo into a bow is an incredible feat. Something our ancestors learned to do long ago that really gave us a edge on survival and hunting.

If you, like myself, have ever wanted to make your own bow it can be a daunting task. Thanks to an easy to assemble bow kit developed by Dave Mead of Mead Longbows it doesn't have to be.

His kits contain everything you need to make your own primitive style bamboo horse bow with no previous experience necessary. While Dave does all the tillering and rough out work for you, it is up to you to finish the bow out.

Every kit includes:

  • 2 tillered bamboo limbs
  • 1 handle
  • 2 siyahs
  • Bow string material
  • Leather lacing
  • 1 thread spool
  • Leather hinge
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue
  • Written and video instructions


After completion, you are left with a 51-inch bow with a 30-50# draw weight (depending on kit ordered) ready for action.

Probably the coolest part about these powerful bows is they can be made to collapse in half with the leather hinge. Once folded over, it is capable of being stored away inside of an arrow quiver for easy portability and storage. I purchased one of his original kits last year and after a busy hunting season, finally had time to complete it.

Soon after I finished my bow, I found out Dave had revamped his kit into a sleeker, more powerful design. I had to have one. This time however I had Dave custom build me one himself.

Only being a few hours away, he invited me out to pick up the bow and fling some arrows with him. We then sat down to talk bows and learn more about his improved design.

The steps for building the bow are very easy to follow with either the written or video instructions. As Dave said in the video, you could have one done in hours if you wanted, but for most it will probably be a weekend project. How many people can say they built a bow over the weekend when standing around the water cooler on a Monday at work?

Even though these bows look more like something to display on your wall they are anything but. Capable of flinging arrows in the 180+ fps range, it is a tack driver that is more than capable of taking down large game.

The added simplicity of unwrapping the handle to fold it down makes it perfect for keeping in your pack as you hike to your hunting spot. Within minutes of arriving at your stand, you can unpack it, rewrap the handle, and string it before climbing up.

This also makes it perfect for any BOB. The ability to store arrows and a bow into one quiver is the ultimate space saver. Since it is made of natural materials it can easily be repaired if damaged in a SHTF scenario unlike modern equipment. This leaves you with a great weapon or hunting tool when getting out of dodge.


If you feel like you want some hands on instruction Dave also offers workshops you can attend. The workshops are two days on primitive bow and arrow building.

In the workshops, Dave will lead you step by step through assembling your bow. On the second day, you will dive into making a matched arrows set to shoot with your new bow. The course ends with Dave teaching you the basic fundamentals of shooting a bow primitively.

These bows are perfect for the aspiring bowyer, someone looking for a new hunting challenge, or for a cool project to do. The simplicity and satisfaction from completing one of these kits will leave you feeling very accomplished.

Visit the Mead Longbow website for a list of upcoming workshops, kit ordering, and pricing. You can also follow Mead Longbows on FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube.

All photos provided by Dave Mead and Alex Burton. 


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Easily Build Your Own Bow with This Bamboo Horse Bow Kit