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The Easiest Way to Remove Rib Meat? The Rib Roll

Learn the rib roll technique to save time and preserve more meat from your next wild game harvest.

Everybody knows how to remove a backstrap and most experienced hunters have the method for quartering and boning out game down to a science. However, things get tricky when you get to the rib meat.

Master the rib roll technique shown in this video and you’ll wonder what you did before you learned it.

The rib roll technique is a great way to ensure that you are getting every ounce of usable meat off the animal you worked so hard to harvest.

As mentioned in the video, removing the rib meat is also required by law in many states. By learning the steps that are necessary to process game in the field like the rib roll, you’ll be able to hunt farther from the road and have access to less pressured game animals.

This will translate into more success and bigger animals for the trophy room.

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The Easiest Way to Remove Rib Meat? The Rib Roll