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Easiest Tracking Job: Zebra Drop Shot [VIDEO]

zebra drop shot

Don’t want a lengthy tracking job on your zebra? Check out the zebra drop shot this hunter in South Africa made. Is that an easy tracking job or what?

I’m not sure if the hunter meant to do this or not, but he ended up executing a perfect zebra drop shot on this zebra hunt in South Africa.

Pay particular attention to how the zebra’s back legs react when the bullet hits the zebra.

Notice how the zebra’s legs looked like they were pulled off the ground? That’s a telltale sign that the spine was cut.

I don’t normally recommend attempting a shot on the brain or spine because they are tough targets. The heart and lungs are usually much better targets. However, as you can see, the results are instantaneous and dramatic when the bullet hits them.

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Easiest Tracking Job: Zebra Drop Shot [VIDEO]