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EarthRoamer Camper Interior Tour: Unbelievable Luxury [VIDEO]

EarthRoamer CEO and Founder Bill Swails takes you through all of the luxury details of the incredible EarthRoamer camper.

Let’s face it, the amazing EarthRoamer luxury camper is financially out of reach for most folks. It’s certainly beyond my means until that lottery ticket thing finally pay off.

But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the time of those handy do-it-yourself kind of people who see a good idea and decide, “Shoot, I can make that!”

I watch this video and I don’t see a luxury vehicle beyond my current means.

I see a vehicle full of features, some of which I might be able to replicate myself on a camper conversion project with a far more modest budget.

Storage is arguably the most precious commodity in a camper. The people at EarthRoamer have done a great job at making good use of the space of the EarthRoamer camper.

But can you see any other areas on the interior of the living space where even more storage space might be utilized?

How about that clever idea of connecting the shower door and closet door to make a larger bathroom space? That’s a great idea! How about those extra kitchen countertops pop-ups hiding behind the couch? There’s another excellent, and replicable idea.

There’s no question that the EarthRoamer is a truly amazing camper vehicle. Who among us would not love to explore off road adventures in one? Unfortunately, the reality is that many of us just don’t have an extra $400 thousand dollars lying around to spend on a camper.

But there a good number of creative and skilled folks out there who can build something similar, albeit of perhaps a little less high end luxury.

After all, that’s exactly what Bill Swails did when he started the EarthRoamer company. He built the very first EarthRoamer prototype by himself in his driveway.

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EarthRoamer Camper Interior Tour: Unbelievable Luxury [VIDEO]