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How On Earth Did This Buck End Up Here?

did this buck end up here
Image via Screenshot

After you see this video you’ll find yourself wondering how did this buck end up here? 

We’ve seen deer get trapped in a lot of places. From getting locked up and stuck, to tied up around poles, and even narrowly avoiding getting blown clean off a mountain during an explosion. But, even with all of those in mind this is still a new one for us. Check out this video and see if you can figure out just how this buck ended up here.

We could understand if he was just hiding behind the bales and then took off when people arrived, but somehow this 10-point buck managed to get himself stuck between and underneath these hay-bales. Luckily for him there were some generous people around with just the equipment he needed to make an escape.

It looks like the only thing he suffered was a wounded pride and a foot that may have fallen asleep. Maybe next time he’ll pay more attention to where he is hiding out at.

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How On Earth Did This Buck End Up Here?