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Earn Certificate, Medallion in Utah's Cutthroat Trout Slam

Utah Cutthroat Slam

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) and Trout Unlimited (TU) have partnered to create Utah's Cutthroat Trout Slam.

The program will recognize anglers who catch all four of the state's cutthroat trout subspecies--the Bonneville, Bear River, Yellowstone and Colorado River.

Anglers who complete the slam will earn a certificate of the achievement, along with a medallion. To qualify for the slam, anglers have to catch each subspecies of cutthroat trout in its "native drainage."

The purpose of the slam is to educate anglers about Utah's native cutthroat trout.

"The state of Utah is a hugely important partner in our work to recover native trout," Chris Wood, CEO of TU said in a DWR news release. "The Utah Cutthroat Slam will simultaneously allow us to raise important resources for this work while also providing a ton of fun for anglers. What's not to like?"

Anglers sign up to take part in Utah's Cutthroat Trout Slam by registering on the DWR website. A $20 fee is charged, which goes toward conserving the species in the state.

Then, anglers catch the fish, take a photo and make note of the date and location. This information is uploaded to the DWR website for confirmation.

Utah's Cutthroat Trout Slam launched April 1. However, there is no time limit, and anglers can complete the slam more than once.


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Earn Certificate, Medallion in Utah's Cutthroat Trout Slam