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Early Fall Doe Patrol: Whitetail Hunting Montage [VIDEO]

Holy buckets that’s a lot of does getting hit with arrows!

There’s lots of things I can get tired of watching over and over again; CSPAN, golf, Hillary Clinton… But an arrow sailing out to stick a deer? I can watch that all day.

Which is why this video from the Field Archer is so awesome. It’s a montage of whitetail does hitting the ground, all set to music. If you aren’t ready for archery season yet, you will be after watching this.

Did you see the extreme hemorrhage at 20 seconds in?

I know some folks won’t love this video because there are no big bucks going down. That’s too bad for them. I hope I never get to the point where a doe within bow range doesn’t get my heart pumping. It’s a privilege just to see deer up close in the wild, not to mention the added benefit of a stocked freezer.

If you’re not already in your deer season, I’m sure you’re anxiously awaiting it, especially after watching this footage. Here’s to a great and safe one!

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Early Fall Doe Patrol: Whitetail Hunting Montage [VIDEO]