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Early Clay Hayes Film – Spot and Stalk Black Bear

spot and stalk black bear

Clay Hayes puts it all together in this early film. Using primitive gear and donning woodsman’s clothing, he engages in a spot and stalk black bear hunt.

Bowhunter Clay Hayes puts together a great spot and stalk black bear hunt in this, one of the very first films he made. It’s a film from four or five years ago.

Hayes wears what looks like early American period clothing and is using a primitive bow and arrows. It’s a tad blurry, but is a wonderful example of Hayes’ early film work.

He executes a perfect stalk on a black bear, which is feeding in a grassy field. Hayes works his way to the edge of the field, kneeling just inside a grove of aspens, before taking the shot. Then he studiously tracks the bear until he finds it in its final resting place.

There’s one scene that gets a little experimental, where we see the bear reflected in the pupil of Hayes’ eye. It shows his desire to explore creative film making and offer the viewer a little something different.

Of course Hayes went on to become more proficient and skilled in film making, producing two excellent and noteworthy bowhunting films: Untamed and the recently released Ascent.

Although he does these films largely on his own, he is fast becoming an acclaimed film maker in the field of outdoor sports film work. His videos are known for their honesty, real life depictions of hunting and emphasis on hunting ethics.

This film is a genuine treat to view. We hope you enjoy watching this early effort from a hunting film maker who clearly puts a lot of heart and soul into his videos.

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Early Clay Hayes Film – Spot and Stalk Black Bear