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Eagle Tries to Carry off Boy During Wildlife Show in Australia

Christine O’Connell

You'd think it would be fairly safe to attend a wildlife show.

That's probably what a young boy and his family thought when they attended one July 6.

Then again, it was in Australia. Visitors to Alice Springs Desert Park were enjoying a show when a wedge-tailed eagle decide to try to fly off with the boy.

"We're at the bird show in the afternoon, having a great time and looking forward to seeing the wedge-tailed eagle come out for the finale," says Keenan Lucas, who was in attendance. "The bird then flew over the crowd and tried to grab on to a young boy's head. He screamed, the mother was distraught and the presenters wrapped up the show very quickly."

Instead of performing as usual to wrap up the wildlife show, the bird flew right for the boy from about 30 feet away.

Witnesses say the boy kept moving the zipper of his green hoodie up and down. Apparently the noise distracted the bird, which went after the hoodie.

Park staff reacted within seconds, but the boy still suffered a cut to his face. Fortunately, the injury was not severe.

Christine O'Connell
Christine O'Connell

The park issued a statement following the incident: "On Wednesday, 6 July, an incident occurred at the Alice Springs Desert Park where an eagle made contact with an audience member. A thorough investigation regarding the circumstances behind this incident is under way and the eagle will be removed from the show while this investigation is ongoing."

This might make you think twice before venturing to a show like this.


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Eagle Tries to Carry off Boy During Wildlife Show in Australia