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Pennsylvania Eaglet Dies on Live Webcam, Gives Lesson of Nature

Shocking some viewers, a newborn bald eagle has died in a Pennsylvania nest on a live streaming broadcast.

Like many states, Pennsylvania has found a way to mount a live streaming camera on a non-captive eagle's nest. The pair of eagles known to nest on the Hanover, Penn. camera had two unhatched eggs as of late March. On the 31st, the first of the two eggs hatched and a newborn baby eagle could be seen moving around the nest, while the other egg remained unchanged. After only three short days on camera, the newborn baby eagle then stopped showing signs of life.

The adult eagles could be seen providing food to the hatchling, but the baby bird eventually stopped moving, became limp, and passed away, all while the live stream continued to broadcast.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission, who broadcasts the live stream, has made the decision not to intervene in the situation. The commission issued a statement saying that the live stream video, "provides an opportunity to view wildlife in its natural setting. Sometimes that may include scenes that are difficult to watch."

The Commission has also recently provided an update on the remaining unhatched egg. Originally thought to be healthy, experts have since lowered their expectations that the 2nd egg with hatch a healthy baby eagle. The Commission has watched this eagle pair for many years and confirms that it has produced healthy baby birds in the past, but also mentions there have been years when the pair has failed to produce any healthy baby eagles.

To view the live stream, or to receive the latest updates on the remaining unhatchced egg, visit the Pennsylania Game Commission website here.


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Pennsylvania Eaglet Dies on Live Webcam, Gives Lesson of Nature