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Eagle Crash Landing Caught on Live Nest Camera [VIDEO]

The eagle has landed! Well…sort of.

While coming in from what I can only assume was a heavy lunch, this eagle has a bit of a struggle getting back into the nest.

Unfortunately for this eagle, there was a camera there that captured it all. And of course, it found its way around the Internet, and now you’ve found it.

I’m sure we’ve all felt like this at times in our lives. That painfully awkward moment that you trip and look around to make sure no one saw you…

When I first watched this video, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for laughing. The eagle just stays put for a few seconds, as if it is wondering what in the world just happened.

After a few moments of what looks to be confusion, the eagle clumsily flaps its way out of the branch and back into the nest. Once there, the eagle ‘casually’ gets back to business as if to say, ‘I meant to do that…’

If you want to wait for another snafu, check out live streaming of the nest here.

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Eagle Crash Landing Caught on Live Nest Camera [VIDEO]