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Eagle Brazenly Attacks Chute of Turkish Paraglider

Watch in astonishment as an eagle swoops from the sky determined to rip holes in the chute of this Turkish paraglider.

It looks like a picture-perfect day. Clear blue skies and a breathtaking panoramic view. But shortly after taking to the air, this Turkish paraglider has an unwelcome guest – and one that could have easily cost him his life.

The incredible footage was captured with a helmet cam over Turkey’s Antalya Province on June 2. A large bird of prey, which appears to be an eagle, continually swoops down on the chute of the paraglider, severely damaging the fabric in the brazen attacks.

Those were definitely a few tense moments, and the sheer terror is real in the strained shouts coming from the helpless paraglider. Luckily, he landed safely despite the damage to his chute.

An eagle attacking your chute. Who would have thought?!



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Eagle Brazenly Attacks Chute of Turkish Paraglider