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Eager Brown Bear Breaks into Russian Kindergarten [VIDEO]

A Russian brown bear breaks into a children’s school and is eventually shot by police.

Police resorted to killing a brown bear in Khabarovsk, Russia after it was seen in a shopping center and chased away towards more buildings.

Video footage shows the giant bruin galloping through a kindergarten, then bursting through unlocked doors as it makes its dramatic exit.

We knew bears were smart, but have you ever seen one so confident in its door-opening skills?

The bear was soon thereafter shot and killed to prevent an incident. It was estimated to be a one-year-old male.

Records kept from the Khabarovsk area have signified around 30 bear-human contacts (sightings and non-incidents included), and in July a 50-year-old fisherman was mauled to death in nearby Krasnoye.

According to the Khabarovsk Region’s Environmental Resources Ministry, about 15,000 brown bears reside in the area, a number that is rising due to less interest in hunting them.

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Eager Brown Bear Breaks into Russian Kindergarten [VIDEO]