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Dynamite Fishing in China: An Unethical Tourist Attraction


Dynamite fishing is becoming a tourist attraction in the South China Sea, despite horrendous ecological impact. 

Chinese fishermen in Dayawan Bay in the South China Sea are offering “fishing action” on their tourist fishing trips. “Fishing action” then becomes throwing homemade bombs in glass bottles and TNT into the water, the explosions killing the fish.  As the dead fish float to the top, they use nets to pull them into the boat.

Tourists pay to see dynamite fishing, sometimes unknowingly. The fishermen are advertising fishing trips and then their fishing tactics turn out to be extremely alarming. One tourist said:

We saw an advert promising ‘fishing action’. We assumed it meant fun and paid the £30 to have a go. We’d been out for about 30 minutes when the men told us they were going to feed the fishes. They were laughing and stuffing the bottles with powder and what looked like stones.

The underwater shock waves from the dynamite not only kill any fish around the boat but kills many other species, including severely damaging underlying coral.

Fishing with TNT is outlawed in many countries and a spokesman for the Chinese Fishery Bureau said, “These fishermen make most of their money from taking tourists out to watch them at work. We are attempting to crack down on it.”

Hopefully Chinese officials will put an end to the fishermen’s false adversing and sick practices.

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Dynamite Fishing in China: An Unethical Tourist Attraction