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Dwight Howard Owns 50 Guns and 20 Snakes [VIDEO]

Here’s the fascinating insider peek at the eccentric life of Dwight Howard – 50 guns, 20 snakes, and Skittles.

Dwight Howard, in a recent article withBleacher Report, talks openly about his love of collecting guns and snakes.

The Houston Rocket’s starting center is no stranger to public attention. Often scrutinized for his brash behavior, Howard, 29, now seems to be past the criticism and thoroughly enjoying life in Texas. Howard can even see himself finishing his career in Houston, saying “the country setting fits his laid-back personality” and “Houston [provides] more substance for him on and off the court.”

So strong is his affinity towards his new home in the Lone Star State that he has built a sizable gun collection and often goes to the gun range because “It’s what you do in Texas.” Duh.

Howard’s collection is composed of over 50 guns including shotguns, semiautomatics, and pistols. Within the collection is a gold-plated Desert Eagle (who doesn’t have one of those?), several mini-guns (extra-mini in Howard’s hands), and multiple bazookas — because why not?

In addition to his guns Dwight enjoys the company of his 20 snakes, 17 of which are baby snakes. So that’s creepy cute. See the video below.

Another takeaway from this fascinating glimpse into Howard’s life is Skittles. As in the candy; as in, Howard usually eats around three bags during a game.

However, this season he and his teammates have decided to each give up something as a sacrifice until they win a championship. “It’s just something that will show us how committed we are to each other.”

What better way to show your professional dedication to the game than making the extreme sacrifice of giving up Skittles? For Howard “To have to give that up, it’s like the hardest thing to do… But I do have a Skittles pinball machine.”

So when not playing dominant Houston basketball, Dwight Howard can be found at the gun range with 50 guns, cuddling with his snakes and their snake babies, resisting Skittles, and playing Skittle-themed pinball. Sounds like a decent life!

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Dwight Howard Owns 50 Guns and 20 Snakes [VIDEO]