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Train Bald Eagles to Hunt Drones: The Dutch Solution to Illegal Drone Activity

As drones have become more popular, there are still questions regarding their legality in certain areas. The Dutch National Police, however, have their own solution: train eagles to hunt drones.

The Internet has truly lost its mind for the Dutch National Police's solution to ridding the sky of unwanted drones in illegal areas. The reason? They're capitalizing on one of the greatest predators of our time: drone-hunting eagles.

Eagles are an incredibly smart and trainable species, when done correctly and patiently. Even though this video is in Dutch, you can still get a general idea of their training procedure and the effectiveness of their hunting skills.

The Dutch company, Guard from Above, sees eagles as a "low-tech solution to a high-tech problem" in eliminating the unsafe and illegal use of drones. The drone problems explicitly deal with flying in areas near commercial airports that could effect airplane in flight, and so forth.

These bald eagles to hunt drones have been explicitly trained to merely knock the drone from the sky via a precise swoop, which they have inadvertently been doing since drones hit the market a few years ago.

However, the question of avoiding injuries for the bald eagles still remains unanswered, as they could get hurt fairly easily due to the drone's sharp and precise edges, not to mention its quickly-moving wings.

Do you think this is an effective solution to stopping the use of drones in areas where they don't belong? How do you feel about drones in general?

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Train Bald Eagles to Hunt Drones: The Dutch Solution to Illegal Drone Activity