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Dustin Ellerman: Why He Likes The 458 Socom Suppressed

Top Shot Dustin Ellerman shows us how to run a 458 Socom suppressed the right way.

The 458 Socom cartridge is definitely effective against all opponents in wartime applications.

It is adaptable with all M4 Lower receivers, and it continues to grow in popularity with AR-15 enthusiasts.

Running the cartridge suppressed, well, is a complete game changer.

The 458 Socom is also wildly popular with hog hunters, as the large cartridge delivers massive stopping power and can easily drop a 400-pound boar.

Aside from military applications and hog hunting use, this cartridge is limited in distance of travel. Given that the bullet is generally very heavy, it loses a lot of energy past 200 yards.

The 458 Socom, can also be a very effective home defense round. Home owners that have a house in dense forest areas can benefit from the extra stopping power. People that live in those areas also face threats of bear and other large mammals.

This cartridge does run at a premium averaging in cost of about $2 per bullet. Before beginning training with this expensive bullet, I highly recommends a laser bore sight to configure your optics before wasting precious ammo. Also, a few modifications to your AR are likely necessary for the upgrade.

You will likely need a heavier buffer spring to withstand the heavier pressures of the bigger cartridge. You also need to mark your magazines, so that you can differentiate between the 458 cartridge and your 556 bullets.

Happy hunting, and keep training.


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Dustin Ellerman: Why He Likes The 458 Socom Suppressed