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During a Chimp Attack, You Can’t Afford to Lose

Watch this eerie footage of a chimp attack in Africa and just be glad you’re not a chimp.

Chimps are social animals that live in the central portion of west Africa. They are omnivores who spend most of their time eating fruits and other plants, occasionally helping themselves to insects and other small animals.

For the most part, they appear to be content searching their African home for food and socializing, but once in a while these large primates show a dark side that might surprise you.

Watch this video of a chimp attack to see how brutal they can be.

Major lesson: during a chimp attack, you can’t afford to lose.

This brutal attack show just how violent things can get in the animal kingdom. Cannibalism is actually a trait not that uncommon in the animal kingdom. While it generally isn’t a regular practice among most species, it is not an unheard of occurrence. This chimp attack seems to back up that idea.

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During a Chimp Attack, You Can’t Afford to Lose