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DuraCoat Durability Check with Nutnfancy [VIDEO]


The best way to evaluate any firearm accessory is to shoot with it… a lot. Join Nutnfancy as he conducts an in-depth DuraCoat durability check on these tough firearm finishes.

Aside from choosing a color or pattern that best suits your needs (and style), there’s no argument against the fact that adding a protective coating to your firearm could ever be a bad decision.

Between the mud, dirt and other battlefield conditions, having a coating protect the firearm that is ultimately going to protect you is a no brainer.

DuraCoat Firearm Finishes manufacture some of the most wear-resistant finishes available to shooting enthusiasts today.

Additionally, DuraCoat makes applying these coatings super easy for shooters of all skill levels.

A big thanks to Nutnfancy for conducting such a thorough test of his experience with DuraCoat.

For more information on the different products that DuraCoat offers visit their website. If you want to check out more awesome videos from Nutnfancy, tune into his YouTube channel.

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DuraCoat Durability Check with Nutnfancy [VIDEO]