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Avian X Turkey Decoys Even Fool Coyotes [VIDEO]

This coyote is fooled by a turkey decoy and comes up empty.

Coyotes can be ruthless animals and are known for attacking various forms of wildlife. However, this video is a little different compared to other coyote attack videos. This time, the joke is on the coyote.

The coyote goes straight for the jugular, but only gets a bite of embarrassment. Take a look at this intense footage from Victory Outdoors.

Here’s what the owner of the video had to say:

Curtis Goettsch was filming team member, Ryan Warrick on a spring turkey hunt in Nebraska when two Jakes came in to their setup. Ryan elected to pass on the young gobblers because he had harvested a Jake the previous day. Curtis and Ryan were kicked back watching the show when several minutes later, the Jakes started to putt. The two hunters were unable to see what had the birds spooked because of cover to their left and they were hoping it was a couple of bullying Toms approaching. As the Jakes exited quickly to the right, a coyote burst on to the scene, hammering their Avian X Jake decoy. With every thing happening so fast and Ryan having the same view as the camera, he was unable to get his gun up in time to get off a shot.

Well, it appears that Avian X decoys can fool turkeys and coyotes.

You never know what might happen while hunting, and these folks were able to catch this amazing moment on film.

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Avian X Turkey Decoys Even Fool Coyotes [VIDEO]