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Is This the Dumbest Pheasant Ever?

This guy was out deer hunting when he encountered what might be the dumbest pheasant of all time. Watch the video and see what you think.

This might be the dumbest pheasant ever. Watch as it follows this deer hunter for several minutes and calmly approaches almost close enough for the hunter to touch it.

That bird was very lucky that the man was deer hunting instead of pheasant hunting.

Warning: This video contains some foul language.

It’s possible that the pheasant was actually intentionally following the path made by the hunter in hopes of catching and eating any bugs that the hunter kicked up. The pheasant probably also figured out very quickly that the hunter wasn’t interested in harming him, which is why he stuck around.

Maybe this wasn’t actually the dumbest pheasant ever, but actually a very intelligent bird.

What do you think? Was this the dumbest pheasant of all time? Or was the pheasant smarter than the hunter initially gave him credit for?

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Is This the Dumbest Pheasant Ever?