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Dugout Dick: The Salmon River, Idaho Caveman [VIDEO]

A man nicknamed "Dugout Dick" lived a hermit's life in Idaho in a peculiar way.

Dugout Dick dug his home into the Idaho hills, giving him his nickname.

His caves became quite well-known and attracted visitors for decades.

Dick Zimmerman found his home in Idaho Falls along the Salmon River.

He began to dig his homes into the side of a hill back in 1947. For six more decades Dugout Dick dug more caves and lived a hermit's life.

This video was taken back when Dugout Dick lived in his home in the hills.

Dugout Dick died in April of 2010.

Do not look for his caves as they have been filled in for fear of collapse by the Bureau of Land Management.


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Dugout Dick: The Salmon River, Idaho Caveman [VIDEO]