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Dude Perfect Pulls Off Amazing Fishing Pole Trick Shot [VIDEO]

The Dude Perfect boys pull off a crazy basketball trick shot using a fishing pole and some seriously strong line.

The guys from Dude Perfect are notorious for pulling off some ridiculous trick shots. They’ve done it all, from dropping shots in from the top of Kyle Field to the playing surface below, to recording epic trick shot battles from inside the gyms at Texas A&M using basketballs, and sometimes, frisbees.

Yeah, I know, seems strange. Just do a quick Google search and watch a few, you’ll be hooked.

This time around the guys use a different kind of hook to pull off some crazy trick shots with the guys from the Harlem Globetrotters using a fishing pole. Having a hard time visualizing this?

Well, just watch:

Here are some other amazing trick videos to check out:


First off, that’s one serious modified fishing pole. Seems like it could have some other more inventive uses out on the water, that might be construed, as, well, cheating. Or just inventiveness. Depends on who you ask.

They mix in this crazy fishing pole trick shot with some of their trampoline dunks which have become a thing of legend on YouTube. I’m sure you’re wondering what I am:

Don’t these guys have anything better to do? Well my answer would be: If you’re making the kind of money from YouTube vids which the Dude Perfect guys have made, it’s the best thing you could possibly do with your time. If you want to try and re-produce this one, you’d better have a seriously strong fishing pole, and some even stronger line, in the arsenal.

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Dude Perfect Pulls Off Amazing Fishing Pole Trick Shot [VIDEO]