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‘Dude, You Lost Part of Your Finger’, Or Why You Always Use Pliers

Two guys were saltwater fishing in New Jersey when one learned why pliers are a must.

Off Barnegat Light in New Jersey, the saltwater fishing is great from the shore. Just ask these two anglers who were out for gator bluefish one nice day.

As one angler went to the grab the pliers to remove the hook from his brother-in-law’s first bluefish ever, he turned back and realized that the bluefish had taken the fingertip right off his brother-in-law.

Warning: Light language because, well, a guy loses his fingertip. Also slightly graphic.

After making a quick stop the emergency room afterwards to get it all sorted out, he seems okay, but he learned a lesson he’ll never forget.

Also, should we mention that a wound like this can put a damper on any fisherman’s day? A trip to the hospital is never something you want to do, but sometimes it’s necessary.

But hey, he landed his first bluefish ever and it was the biggest bluefish of the day! So a bright spot, really.


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‘Dude, You Lost Part of Your Finger’, Or Why You Always Use Pliers