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Ducks Unlimited Pays Earned Tribute to Duck Dogs

Ducks Unlimited pays tribute to duck dogs with a look at their drive and never-ending passion to retrieve birds, even in the most difficult conditions.

This tribute to duck dogs really amplifies how a good retriever really makes a hunt memorable. It is their work and passion that can make for a great day in the marsh or field with you hunting buddies.

A nice short and eloquent tribute to duck dogs who loyally sit beside us in even the harshest weather conditions. You have to admire an animal that will brave sub-zero temperatures and icy waters, while never giving up, to get on those downed ducks and geese.

Ducks Unlimited does important conservation work in habitat protection, land reclamation and promoting hunter rights. They have maintained their loyalty to their core supporters in the U.S. never forgetting they are an organization supported and built by hunters. Consider becoming a member of Ducks Unlimited or like minded organizations to keep hunting strong now and in the future.



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Ducks Unlimited Pays Earned Tribute to Duck Dogs