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Ducks Unlimited is Built on Traditions [VIDEO]

DU tradition

“If you build it, they will come” is not just applicable to backyard baseball fields, it turns out.

Ducks Unlimited shows that the sport of waterfowl is about far more than just hunting. At its core, it’s really about building lasting traditions with family and friends.

This video shows the true essence behind these hunting traditions, and what it takes to leave a legacy.

Whether you hunt with family or friends, go with a trusty hunting dog, or just to film ducks, chasing waterfowl is a tradition. It’s as much about bagging a mallard as it is about hanging around hunting camp sharing stories with family. It does not require a pintail at the end of the day to be successful. However, it is richly enhanced by watching ducks feed on your newly restored pond.

Does it take work to build a tradition? You bet it does. The land managers in this video spend time planting new food plots year-round and restoring pond levels to make sure that ducks have food, water, and cover. But during that process, they are also building a tradition and leaving a lasting family legacy.

If you take anything away from this video, let it be this: if every hunter and conservationist chipped in just a little, we could change the world of waterfowl for good.

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Ducks Unlimited is Built on Traditions [VIDEO]