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Duck Stamp Increase on the Rise for 2015

Effective for the 2015-16 waterfowl season, duck stamps will increase to further fund more wetlands.

In December President Barrack Obama signed the Federal Duck Stamp Act of 2014. This new Act will increase the Federal Duck Stamp from $15 to $25 starting this year. He also signed the new Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act to help increase online stamp sales.

The stamp has been $15 since 1991. Anyone hunting waterfowl 16 years of age and older are required to have one.

Duck stamps have helped generate more than $800 million since their creation in 1934, which has allowed the purchase or lease of over six million acres of wetlands habitat. This new increase would help raise another $16 million dollars by next year alone.

"By restoring the lost purchasing power of the Federal Duck Stamp, this legislation will give us the opportunity to work with thousands of additional landowners across the nation to maintain vital habitat for waterfowl, grassland birds, and hundreds of other native species," Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, told reporters.

The increase has shown a lot of support from hunting, conservation, and wildlife groups that have been pushing for it the last decade. The largest support has come from Duck's Unlimited and the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

Steve Kline, the director of government relations for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, said, "From a practical perspective, this also means more ducks and better hunting seasons- as well as increased funds to expand and enhance access to places where waterfowlers can enjoy days afield."

The new Permanent Electronic Duck Stamp Act will allow all states to issue duck stamps purchased online. Stamps purchased online will be issued a immediate sale of purchase to use until their paper stamp is received by mail. After 45 days the proof of purchase will expire and the paper one can only be used.



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Duck Stamp Increase on the Rise for 2015