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Duck Intruder Causes Commotion in Massachusetts Home

A duck intruder was captured and released after entering a North Reading, Massachusetts home.

Police were called after a resident heard noises akin to a break-in on the first floor of her home, and the culprit came as a surprise, reports the Boston Globe.

A female wood duck was found, covered in black soot, making the “loud, banging noises” reported by the homeowner. The chimney was declared to be the entry point, as a black duck-shaped silhouette was smeared on the ceiling of the home.


North Reading police apprehend the suspect. (Photo via North Reading Police Dept/Boston Globe)

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Wood ducks are found in wooded swamps, marshes, streams, beaver ponds, and small lakes across the eastern US year round. Dissimilar to most waterfowl, they perch and nest in trees, and are cavity nesters, meaning they take well to nest boxes. That could be what was behind the duck’s decision to slide down the chimney.

No word on whether or not the duck will be billed for damages.

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Duck Intruder Causes Commotion in Massachusetts Home