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Duck Hunting Seasonal Prep Tips [PICS]

Lone Drake

Duck hunting season is almost here. Are you ready?

Duck hunting season is tough on equipment. Rain, snow, salt, mud and dirt are all part of duck hunting season. The best way to prepare for the season starts with preventative maintenance at the end of the season. All too often, hunters will put away their equipment at the end of duck season without getting it back in tip-top shape. This makes more work prior to the next season.

Duck seasons requires special gear and accessories. Non-toxic shotshells, duck boats, decoys, grass blinds and calls are all unique to this kind of hunting. Legal requirements differ somewhat from other types of hunting as well. You must be versed in the specific laws pertaining to migratory bird hunting in order to ensure compliance.

The Hunter

Preparing for the season can be time-consuming so don’t wait until the last minute!

Duck hunting season is almost here. Check out this slideshow to get ready.


Warm up your retriever

Joe Riekers

Dogs need to get ready for the season. An often long, lazy summer can leave your dog unprepared for the hard work ahead. An exercise routine and retrieving practice will go a long way towards a successful season.

Check your decoys

Joe Riekers

Decoys take a beating. The best way to evaluate them is to set them out in a pond and take a good look from a distance. Paint chips and reflections are obvious to ducks and can be quickly repaired with touch-up. Anchor lines must be durable and anchors must hold tight. Proper floating gives a natural appearance that is necessary to fool wary ducks.


Wing Shooting

Scouting is essential. Knowing where the ducks are and have been will keep you from wasting time.

Get your boat ready

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Duck boats take a beating. Make sure your engine is tuned up and you meet safety requirements. Touch-up paint issues and check that the blind functions properly.

Stock up on ammo

Joe Riekers

Always make sure you have enough ammo. You may think there is some left over in the boat from last season but it’s always good to have extra.

Your Shotgun

Joe Riekers

Prior to duck season you should practice with your shotgun. Once your shooting skills are good, the shotgun will need a thorough cleaning before taking it to the duck blind.

Duck Calls

Sportsman’s Guide

Duck calls need attention before every season. The reeds can break and moisture can cause damage. If the call body is good the reed can be replaced. Otherwise a brand new call like the Duck Commander 1972 from Sportsman’s Guide is a good all around call.

H.I.P. Enrollment


Hunters of migratory birds must register with the Harvest Information Program. Registration is through the State where you purchase your license. The program is administered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Liked this slideshow? Check this one out.

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Duck Hunting Seasonal Prep Tips [PICS]