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Duck Hunting Dog Tips That You Shouldn’t Start Training Without

These duck hunting dog tips will keep them safe and ensure your retriever is ready for that big opener this fall.

If you are going to get duck hunting dog tips you might as well get them from Chad Belding and his friends at the Fowl Life. These are good ones to keep your hunting buddy safe and get him on those birds.

Those are some great tips, and specifically the need to have a dog that doesn’t break to0 early fetching downed geese or ducks. When dry-land hunting, out of laydown blinds with multiple shooters, it is too easy for a dog to break before commanded and run into a shotgun blast; a tragic end for your hunting dog.

In my experience of owning retrievers, keeping the dog steady is one of the hardest traits to instill when training. Tapping into their natural retrieve instinct is usually easy, but it takes consistency, time, and practice to keep them steady until released.

I am still working on my youngest lab.

One tip to help is to have a dog blind shelter in the field. This will provide a more natural containment to hold the dog until the command is given to release and fetch. Use this with consistent training and refresher work-outs before the hunt and you should be good to go.

For all you waterfowling needs be sure to have a look at Cabela’s; they got some great sales underway right now.


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Duck Hunting Dog Tips That You Shouldn’t Start Training Without